Payments method: The pool uses PPLNT payment system. You are paid for your contributions to the pool for each block based uppon the time you mined that round. To qualify your proportinal shares, you will need to mine for at least 51% of the round. If your shares are not qualified, your share count will be reduced using the percentage of time you mined the block.

The reduction is to discourage pool hoppers and reward loyal miners.

This reduces the total count of shares, giving loyal miners a higher proportion of their hard earned shares

Help!! My shares reset to zero!! Will I get paid? Yes relax (watch this relaxing video There, feel better now? Ok, so here is the deal. PROP is done based on rounds. Each round lasts as long as it takes to mine 1 block. After each round your shares reset for the new round. (Don't worry, we have your wallet address, workers, and number of shares for each round stored in our fancy database)

Payment Threshold: Hush, Komodo, and Zen payout at 0.05, Zcash and Zclassic payout at 0.01

What!! why so small? we will being paying tons of transaction fees!! We send payments in bulk transactions, the pool will determine the lowest rate we can send each transcation. This makes a your share of the fee something like 0.0000345 hush (as an example)

When will I get paid?   Short Answer:(tl;dr)  It takes anywhere from 4-6 ( sometimes 7) hours for confirmations and moving the coins around so they can be sent to miners.

Long Answer: W00T!! We found a valid block. Now let me explain what happens next.
First the block gets 100 confirmations (This can take a while, like 4-5 hours).
Now we need to "Shield" the coins. This just means we have to send them to a z_address and then to the t_address that will send you your coins (remember each of these 2 transactions needs 10 confirmations. 20 confirmations = 30-45min)
Sometimes we mine a few blocks close together and while we are waiting to shield the newly mined coins the second block hits 100 confirmations. This causes a bit of a delay (again these need to be shieled just like the first block rewards so expect 30-45 additional minutes wait) since we combine payments for both blocks into 1 transaction to save on tx fees and reduce network traffic. I only group 2 blocks together at this time. If we start mining a few blocks an hour I will increase this to reduce transactions
Yay!! Coins are now ready to be sent to you!! We will send them within in the next 5 minutes.

Here is what my batch file looks like for EWBF miner. I like to use a loop in my batch file so if the miner crashes it will get restarted. You need to have the --eexit 3 so miner dies when it has a problem. By setting --api 0000:42000 the api listens on all ip address, default is localhost only.

miner --server --user t_address.worker --pass z --port 3343 --eexit 3 --fee 0 --tempunits C --templimit 78 --pec --log 2 --api
goto loop